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John Evans known to his friends as Little Jonny, 22 year old postgraduate worked at Roberts Green & Conan Accountancy Co, Jonny had found his way to be understudying to MR Green,
Jonny nickname was a true fact, Little Jonny as he was only 4` 11” but size does not matter, as he was a wiz kid on anything mathematical, that`s why MR Green wanted Jonny under his wings,

Jonny lived by himself in a lovely apartment with views over the park and to the rear you could see the hills,
Jonny has a nice girlfriend, ok not that lovely but she would do, not to bad looking but not eye candy, a year younger than himself, he know it was the fact that he had a great job with great potential, that Emily was after, Emily had dropped the hint once or twice about living together, and he had the feeling that Emily`s mother was behind this move, Yes Mrs Beryl Jones the lady that married her husband not for looks but for his wallet, now lives in the big house off Pimlico gardens, the one with the posh SUV and the Merc parked in the drive, and both are her`s poor hubby had to do with the secondhand Rolls Royce.

Jonny`s background was not like Emily`s, Jonny still had his mother and father around, Frank was steelworker now a manager but a steelworker and Mary worker on the tills at quidco, Yes a blue collared household that voted ladour,

it was the morning of 14 Aug,
Jonny woke up to the sound of the trash lorry going down the Street,
Shit, Its 8am,
no time for breakfast, I`m late,
I need fuel for the car so i will grab a coffee and a bit to eat on the way, with that in mind, still doing up his tie as he ran out of the front door,
Great traffic is light, hope the police are not up yet, 45mph in a 20 zone,
on arriving at work, Jonny was only 5 minutes late, boy glad that went well, last thing i wanted was a ticket and been very late, MR Green would of gone mad,
Ok I`ve done this before, remember back to college days, grab a coffee, and make it look like i`ve been in for hours,
Morning Jonny did not see you entering this morning, hi Sarah, second coffee of the morning

now sat at his desk, his in tray was full, case notes all over the desk,
ok let's get Pelton`s accounts out of the way, half hour later, a voice Jonny know well, Morning Jonny,
Jonny looked up, morning MR Green, just finishing Pelton`s, it will on your desk in 5 minutes.
Jonny have you started Thomson and son`s accounts yet, no sir, sarah did put them on your desk yesterday, and marked as urgent, he will be here at noon, please get them done and on my desk by 11am, don't forget we have quidco coming in at 3pm MR Roberts will be pissed if you cock this up, and we have a staff meeting at 2pm,
and don't you forget we have 5 Aside football tonight,
I know we are putting a team together, but i was not asked me to play,
MR Conan volunteered you, he said it`s a good cause, and it will make the company look good, so don't miss it,
but MR Green i need to speak to Emily tonight, we had a major argument last night, and i need to clear the air, i`ve booked a table at Pink Goose Inn,
Jonny leave Emily to me, quick call to Mrs Jones will do the trick, just need to remind Mrs Jones of a up and coming event that MR Conan`s wife is planning, that will put you in the families good books,

11pm, glad that`s finished,  quick coffee and off to MR Green's office, Sorry Mr Conan, here`s Thomas and son`s accounts, i know it's 10 minutes late can you pass it over to Mr Green, sorry i can not hang around, but there is a mountain of paperwork on my deck and it is growing,

Ok Quidco accounts where to start,
Sarah, quick word,

Just opened the account`s, nobody has started this quarters accounts, bloody hell, that means i will have to miss lunch, as MR Conan wants this on his deck by 3 and we have this bloody staff meeting at 2,

sorry Jonny, did not realise the Junior had not started the quarterly accounts,  i will make sure MR Conan knows that, and someone will be for the high jump, anything i can do for you, i am going pop out at lunch, can i get you SUB,
Thanks Sarah you're a star, don't think i will have time to eat it,
OK Jonny, don`t forget, just shout and i'm here to help you,

from the corner of his eyes, Jonny saw a chocolate bar and a can of coke land of his desk, Jonny looked up, yes Sarah was back in the office and standing by his desk,
Cheers Sarah
Jonny, you know what time it is, half past one,
I'm only just started this accounts Sarah, do you think i be missed at the staff meeting,
you know how the partners like having all the staff members at the meetings, and you know what happened to Billy, when he refused to go to one of the staff meetings, week later he was looking for another job,

come on, things are not that bad, you got half hour, to finish the account, and i am sure it's only going to be a 10 minute meeting, so you got 50 minutes to double check your work after the meeting,

Afternoon John,
Jonny looked up, it was a voice he does not here very often, afternoon MR Roberts,
MR Green states you're handling the Quidco accounts for MR Conan, is that right,
Yes MR Roberts,
Thats a big responsibility, you know Quidco is one of the biggest account we have, i stated to MR Conan that i thought you were not ready for this level of work, can i look at your work, as i do not want to be made a fool in the meeting we have with Quidco,
But Sir, i have a 2-2 in accountancy, and i have handled one or two big accounts for the company without any complaints,
still John, let's look at your work, if you make me look like a fool in this meeting you will be looking for another job, quicker than i can say, FAT CAT, do you hear me,
Yes Sir,
JOHN, it`s not finished, you got 15 minutes, to get it on my desk or your out of this company,
But Sir, 3pm is the deadline not 2pm,

we have the staff meeting at 2pm and it will run until 3pm,

Hey Mr Roberts, Sarah shouted from her desk, can i have a work in your shell, in private,

what is your problem Sarah,
it's not Jonny`s fault, your junior did not carry out their job, the accounts came to Jonny without him even looking at them, so back off jonny
Point taken Sarah, but remind John i want them on my desk,

Sarah walked over to Jonny`s desk, Jonny sorry about that, MR Roberts bark is worse than his bit, he means well, but get on the wrong side of him, come it`s time for this staff meeting,

I will explain to MR Conan, you had problems with the accounts and hopefully he can work around this problem,

all the staff gathered together in the boardroom,

Sarah walked up to MR Conan, can i have a word with you,
Jonny has hit a problem with the accounts of Quidco, anything you can do to help him, MR Roberts is on the warpath, and i can tell Jonny is feeling the pressure, and it's all because MR Conan`s junior did not carry out his job,
Leave it with me Sarah,

on the walk back to his desk, after the meeting, Jonny thought to himself, that was a hour of my life i am not going to get back, a meeting all about the charity work of the company, and the football team that i've been volunteered for,

now sat at his desk, wondering when this bam accounts would be finished, and how long before MR Roberts would take to come down and fire him,

Jonny spotted MR Conan entering the room, oh well, it was good when it lasted, here we go,

MR Conan stopped at Sarah`s desk,
Sarah, Jonny has until 5pm to finish the Quidco accounts, we have had a phone call off Quidco, there running late, MR Roberts does not want Jonny to know this info, he wants to see if Jonny can handle this kind of pressure, don't worry, the junior is in MR Roberts office as we speak, Think MR Roberts will be looking for a replacement asap, Jonny fits that bill nicely,

John, have you got the Quidco accounts ready,
Sorry MR Conan, they're not finished,
Can i have them on my desk when you done, chop chop doubled quick, i will hand them over to MR Roberts, i don't want you to face the firing squad just yet,

Jonny, it's 4pm, Sarah shouted,
5 minutes more Sarah, and the accounts will be done,
That`s ok Jonny, i need to go up to the top floor, i can drop them in on my way passed, saves you been shouted at if you bump into MR Roberts,

you're a lifesaver Sarah, here`s the accounts, boy, glad to see the back of that,

2 seconds Jonny, just need to make a call,

“Is MR Conan in his office, i will be bringing up the quidco account for Jonny”

“yes, there are finished”

“you have a message from MR Roberts for Jonny”

Sarah put down the phone and came over to Jonny`s desk for the files,
Jonny as you did not have lunch today, you can leave now, MR Conan has approved it, and the message from MR Roberts is, get some food in you, as he does want you dying on your feet tonight, and it`s 8pm at the sports centre, please do not be late,

When Sarah reentered the room, Jonny was still sat at his desk,
Sarah walked over to Jonny desk, is everything ok Jonny, as i thought you be long gone by now,
Just taking a couple minutes out Sarah, you you have any pain killers, got this splitting headache, and i am not feeling myself,
Yes Jonny i do have some in my bag, back in 2 minutes,

Sarah came back with a large coffee and a piece of cake and a couple of pills, have these Jonny, and get yourself home,

it's been a mad day Jonny thought to himself, as he drove home,
hope Emily will be ok with him not turning up, don`t want work getting in the way of a good thing, hope MR Roberts moad is better tomorrow, i need food, why was MR Conan ok with him when MR Roberts was on the warpath, what has MR Conan`s wife got over Beryl`s, social politics, Sarah`s a star, i need to get home, damn football match, red light, LORRY……..

“Hi, can we have the emergency services to, the lights at Ford road and Park drive, RTC”

“Yes, just witnessed a car drive over the lights that were on red, and a lorry has just hit it”

“yes failed to stop at the lights”

“yes madam, Lorry V Car, yes 1 person reported and he looks in a bad way”

HI this is John Evans, car plates come back to a John Evans and a credit card in his wallet is named J Evans, police at the scene here not ruled out this is John Evans but everything is pointings us to the name John Evans,
phone number found in the wallet is named as mother, can we get the police to bring her to identify if this is her son John Evans,

query, Lower leg on the right hand side, hips on the right hand side, upper neck, and head,
he been unresponsive since the ambulance crew got to the scene,
can we have a full body scan, xrays and get him ready for theatre, police give ETA for identification of around 15 minutes, can we crossmatch for bloods,

Hi, i am Nurse Helen, please take a sit, we think your son was involved in a car crash, he is sleeping at this minute, so we need your help, it looks worse than it is, he in good hands at this minute,

i will be back in a second just going to ask the doctor to step out and have a word with you, sorry i did not get your name,

Me, i am Mary,

i see you're in work clothes, did the police get you from work,

Yes, just about to finish for the day, i had this strange feeling that something was not right, and then i had the call,

ok sweety back in 2 seconds,

The doctor is bit busy, looking after your son, but do come in, it looks scary, but we need to know if this is your son,

Yes, nurse that's my little Jonny, what have you done to him, he looks died, why is he sleeping,

Ok mrs Evans, John is in good hands, it looks worse than it is, sometimes the brain needs to switch off especially after a small bump to the head,
thank you doctor, please call me Mary
we can take him to theatres now, nurse Helen can you sit with Mary, hope you don't mind me calling you Mary, until MR Evans arrives, feel free to use the phone in my office if you need to call family, nurse will show the way.
thank you, thank you, doctor

ok Mary this way, do you want the call your husband, doctor Johnsons office is here, i can make the call for you if you wish me to,
i would like you to call him he still be at work, i got the number here somewhere,

“HI, can i speak to MR Evans, this in nurse Helen from the county hospital”

“hi Sir, is this MR Evans, just to let you know, we have just taken in your son, nothing major, please don't rush, it`s only few broken bones, your wife is here, and your son has just gone into theatres”

“yes sir, county hospital, come to the main entrance, ask for nurse Helen part of doctor Johnsons team, we will find you from there”   

Can Nurse Helen report to front desk please, call for nurse Helen,

Mary, think this will be your husband, do you wish to stay here or come with me,

nurse, i don`t think i can face the walk at the minute, my poor little Jonny is ill, i will leave it to you, can you get him nurse,

Hi, Sir you must be Johns father, MR Evans, your wife is in the day room waiting for you, you son went into theatre some time ago, think it will be long operation, so please make yourself at home, are you hungry, hospital cafe will be closed now, but i can take you to the doctors cafe,

thanks nurse, if i am right, nurse Helen as of the phone call, think a bit of food would be nice, thank you, but i came without any money on me,

that's ok, follow me, cafe is around the back of the hospital,

this is MR Evans, DR Johnson has given the ok, for both MR and MRS Evans to eat here and add it to the hospital account, MR Evans son has just been rushed into theatres,

please MR Evans help yourself, food is not great but it will fill you up, what would Mary like, she needs to eat something to, as i have a feeling John is going to in theatre for some time,

please nurse call me Frank, that's the kind of person i am, i know Mary loves mac n cheese, is that mac n cheese and i think a strong tea with milk, will be in order, are they sausages put them in sandwich and i will be happy and a mug of builder's tea,

it was a quiet walk back to the day room, Mary was sat with tears running down her face,

Frank frank, my dearly, my little jonny is very poorly, he looked like death warmed up,

Here Nurse Helen has got you something to eat, please try and eat something, everyone looks like death warmed up in here, is that not right nurse, Jonny is in safe hands and he in the best place now, and it's only a few broken bones my love

yes Frank, i've seen loads of people than look worst than your son on arrive, and they away surprise you, yes he is in safe hands, doctor Johnson is one of the best neurosurgeon around,

Nurse Helen, can i have a honest answer from you, you stated on the phone that it was only a few broken bones, why is a neurosurgeon looking at my Jonny,
ok Frank, he has broken loads of bones in his lower half, but honestly, he could have a couple broken bones in the lower neck and skull, and may for have damage to the brain, that`s why doctor Johnson is dealing with this case, better to safe than sorry,

you two, get some rest, i will pop up to see doctor johnson and see if there is any news, and i will come down with any news,

some hours later, both Frank and Mary were fast asleep, nurse Helen entered the day room followed by doctor Johnson, sorry for waking you both, i came down some hours ago, but you both needed your rest, so we left you sleep, op went well, doctor johnson is here to answer any questions you may have,

first thing MR & Mrs Evans, John is sleeping, we going to keep him asleep for a week or two, all the broken bones have been plated, that`s hip, femur, there was no brakes in his neck, we found couple on his skull but all are plated, as a result of the head injury we found a bleed to his brain, and this is why we are keeping him sedated, to give the brain a chance to recover, we can not tell if there is any damage to the brain until he wakes up, would you like to follow me up to the wards, John is in a side room,

this is staff nurse pauline, she is in charge of john tonight,

hi you must be mum and dad, do follow me, please be quiet, in here, we don't normally let people on to the ward at this time of night, this is John`s room, before we enter, everything you see, wires and leads coming off john is there to help us, so don't be scared, John may be able to still hear you, all that your son needs is love and time now, with both he will get stronger and stronger,

Thank you nurse, can we sit with him,

sure, make yourself at home, that why he is in a side room, we will bring up a second bed, so one of you can stay with all the time, if you need to stay here, but for tonight you have to do with a soft chair, i would suggest both of you getting some sleep, as there not much going to happen until the morning,

wakey wakey, Mary, i got you a cup of coffee, frank is outside, it`s time to see how little Jonny is getting on,

what time is it nurse,

Mary the time by my watch said it 8.30, the sun is up in the sky, it`s a lovely day, let's get Jonny ready, you don't have to leave Mary,
blood pressure is ok, body temp is ok, O2 levels are ok, new bag a saline will be needed, ok little Jonny, lets check the war wounds, we give the dressing to the head couple more hours before changing, now the leg, lets me see that leg Jonny,
nurse why are you talking to my jonny as if he was in the room,
Mary i always talk to my patience, it a fun thing i have always done,
now Jonny let's see that leg, don't be shy, dressing will need changing, and it looks like someone will need a dry nappy,
Nurse did i hear you right, why is my little Jonny in a nappy,
The doctor in the op could not get a catheter in, as Jonny is sleeping we need to take measure, don`t we Jonny,

he should be fine once we wake him, and give it a day or two and he be dry again,

over the next two weeks Mary and Frank took turns sleeping at the hospital, visiting the xray dept, they were encouraged to talk to there son, about anything and everything,

on Sep 4, the big day came, doctor Johnson was doing his normal rounds, as normal,
Mary John is doing get, the bones are showing signs of healing, no major infections, swelling on the brain is looking better, think it`s time to wake John up, i am not promising a miracle, but it`s time, think it would be good for John to wake to faces he knows, don't you, give your husband a call,

Thank you doctor, and thank you from my little jonny, for everything you done,

i will call the team in to wake Jonny, so if you can get your husband here for midday that would be great, you can borrow the phone on the nurses station

“Hi Frank, good news, Jonny will be awake this afternoon, finger crossed, get to the hospital by 12noon, love you”

Mary i came as fast as i could after hearing that good news,
Frank it's only 11am,
would like me to get you some lunch so you can stay with Jonny mary, we have a hour or so to wait, no point going hungry,
thanks frank, something lite with do me,

ok the food in here Mary is not that good, i remember the nurse on the first day saying that, but it`s food, here i got a tuna sandwich and a can of coke, and guess what i got,
i can smell it from here frank, bacon sandwich, naughty boy,

Hi, mary and glad frank is here, as a voice came around from the back of the door,
do come in doctor, it is your hospital
ok both of you, i will have a large team with me, so you can sit in, to watch, don`t show any sign of fear as Jonny may react to this, nice smiley faces, i am good at cracking jokes so beware of this, the team is on it's way as we speak, i want the first faces Jonny see to be nice friendly ones and ones he knows,

Good afternoon, is this the young man we are waking today,

Yes Doctor Freeman,

the team is ready, we will be in right now,

do not worry doctor Freeman is a anaesthetist,

ok can we all fit in this room, doctor Freeman said with a big smile on his face, time to go wakey wakey jonny, nurse be ready to remove the breathing tubes, just going to give you this Jonny, count with me, 5 4 3 2 1, that`s a good boy, nurse he is showing signs of wanting to breathe by himself, stand by to remove the tube, stats are good, let's go for it, nurse remove the tube please, that's a good boy, big breathe, good boy, you can do it, nurse give him 100% o2 please, ok Jonny you're doing it by yourself good boy,
now Jonny time to go wakey wakey, open your eyes, be a good boy for me,
that's it, Jonny you're a good boy,
over to you Doctor Johnson,
hi jonny, i know you can hear me, i am holding your hand, if you understand me squeeze my hand, try again jonny, try and squeeze my hand, good boy, woow come on Jonny, Your mommy and daddy are here for you, squeeze my hand,
ok mum and dad, you may wish to sit next to him, he is wake, but it takes time to come around fully, i will pop in every hour to check up on him, nurse op`s every 10 minutes please, 100% o2, face mask only, up his saline please, let's flush him out,

nurse nurse come quickly, he moved his eye,
Mary, he still not in the land of the living yet, yes i see he's got some movement, but it takes time, not 10 minutes after the doctor has left,

how`s my little boy doing, doctor johnson said,
woow has a hour gone by, nurse is happy, he has moved his eye a couple of times and moved his foot once,

that's good, come on my little man, time to wake up,
that`s a good boy, doctor is here, squeeze my hand, yes mom, he is back with us, clear squeeze to my hand, it weak but he back, will not be long before he awake fully,

let's see, i think you need a dry nappy, i get nurse to change him, that`s good saline is working,

nurse can you come in here please, Jonny is soaking wet,

yes doctor, be with you now,

nurse is going to change your bottom, as you gone wee wee have you, good boy,

as nurse was changing jonny`s nappy, Jonny opened his eyes, good boy Jonny, mommy and daddy are here, just let me finish changing your bottom, and mommy and daddy will be with you,

do you know where you are Jonny, you're in hospital, yes hospital, let me hold your hand, squeeze my hand if you understand hospital, that`s a good boy, you know hospital, this is your mommy, do you remember mommy, yes good boy, this is your daddy, good boy,

don't try and talk, you just go night night, that`s a good boy, nurse will wake you up in a bit, sweet dreams,

Mary and Frank can i have word with you in private,
sure thing nurse,
at this minute, jonny is bit confused, so we tend to treat him like a younger child, makes life easier on jonny,

Jonny is showing signs of little bit of brain damage, but i am not the expert, and it's too early to say, i would of expected a word or two as he woke up, but no two cases are the same, so give it time, what i would do now, is go home, have a good sleep come back in the morning, better for Jonny to,

next morning, the nurse was in Jonny`s room, wow Jonny, you gone wee wee, we should get you dry,
hi mommy and daddy, Jonny is looking much better than yesterday, still not said a word yet, have you darling, i will be back mommy and daddy, just going to get jonny a dry nappy,

ok jonny, big dry nappy for jonny, let change you out of this wet one, jonny you not gone poops yet, as you are awake, i was half expecting a smelly bottom from you,
nurse will give you something to help you go poops, after changing you,

here you go Jonny, nurse will help you, drink this all up, as nurse placed a large syringe in his mouth, that`s a good boy, all gone now, hopefully you have a smelly bottom next time,

Nurse can i have a word with you outside,
yes Mary, what's the problem.
i understand you talking to Jonny as if he was a younger child, but i am bit confused to why you are encouraging him to use a nappy, Jonny has been dry since the age of two.
that's no problem Mary, Jonny brain is still confused, if we get mad about Jonny using his nappy it will send a mixed message to Jonny, and the last thing we want is for Jonny to be retaining his waste, that's not good at all, and if Jonny does have a head injury, it will be easier on Jonny to get him use to using a nappy,
oh, thank you nurse,

think it`s time Jonny tryed some liquids, Doctors orders, if we can get him drinking we can remove the drip, Mary do you want to help, i will get a glass, what's Jonnys favourite drink, don't say double brandy, the nurse said with a wide smile on here face, i wish we could have that here
Jonny is quite partial to apple juice as a lad,
so that`s it, apple juice, Jonny having apple juice, wow, back in two minutes Mary
the nurse returned with a plastic beaker and a little sponge, come sit here Mary, what we do, is dip the sponge in the apple juice and place it on Jonny`s lip, let Jonny do the hard work, loads of encouragement Mary, you have a go mary,
nurse i feel a fool, talking to Jonny as if he was two again, can you help,
ok mary, you hold the sponge, and i will talk to Jonny, you get the hang of soon,
mommy got some apple juice for you little Jonny, open up, here comes the train, that's a good boy, see he is aware of us Mary, and Jonny likes apple juice, mary keep going until the beaker is empty,
i will Record that, 100ml of apple juice, non self supported,
Mary as you did a great job helping me, can i ask, can you try and give jonny at least, 1 small glass of water a hour, this way, he soon be off the drip, remember mary encourage jonny, his brain needs help to remember things
as the day went on, mary got more confident about helping jonny, memories came back to mary of when Jonny needed this kind of help, and she started talking to Jonny like in her memories, by now Jonny was moving around, still not much control over his movement, still bed bound, still not said a word, eye could lock onto things for at least a couple of seconds, still no true eye contact from Jonny,

suddenly, Jonny turned his head away, from mary, it was a bit of a surprise to mary, and mary could swear that jonny was trying to cry,
there there little man, mommies here, mommy will get the nurse,
mary hit the pull cord,
a nurse ran in to the side room, what`s up mary,
I don`t really know nurse, think Jonny is in bit of discomfort, i remember seeing this with jonny as a child.
it`s ok nurse is here, lets check up out, everything looks ok mary, boy we need to change his nappy again,
ok Jonny back in a bit,
the nurse turned to Mary, little Jonny was bit uncomfortable, think you remember the signs mary, Jonny has gone potty, good boy Jonny, that's one milestone over with, next one, we have try you on din dins, i will ask gastro to come down and they will fit him with a feeding tube now we know Little Jonny can open his bowels and bladder,

later on that afternoon, a nurse from gastro attended Jonny, the nurse fitted a feeding tube in Jonny`s nose, Jonny can still try real foods Mary, once he can take food through his mouth we will remove the tube, all i will say, keep trying him on real food, better for him, sure the doctor will have him sitting up, in bed before the end of the day, and that will be easier for you, he will be more likely to try foods if you can place it in his mouth,

that night, doctor Johnson popped his head around the door, how`s my little boy doing, i heard Jonny had opened his bowels, good boy, now a feeding tube is in place, small steps but all in the right direction, tomorrow we will try jonny on food, do you fancy some yum yums, you go home mary get some sleep, night night jonny, sweet dreams, take care mary, see you tomorrow,

mary and frank your in in early.
yes nurse, frank needs to get off to work, big day for frank, he overseeing a major contract, and today is the late day,
Got my size 11 boots on nurse, and i am ready to kick some arse today, frank joked
can we the nurses borrow them boots after you finished Frank, one or two around here that needs that,
Jonny is up Mary, nurse is changing him as we speak, bit of a wet night last night, we need to talk to doctor johnson, think jonny will be a heavy wetter, get him some maxi`s up for night times,
Maxi`s want are those,
oh sorry mary, nappies come in different adsorbency levels, not like children`s nappies, think Jonny needs the greatest adsorbency, we carry normal in the ward, so i will ask doctor johnson to write out for maxi`s,  

nurse is my little jonny getting worse, thought he would out of nappies by now, not moving up,
mary it`s a long road, and it is very normal, Jonny is improving but it small steps, mary jonny has a very busy day today, xrays, we have a doctor coming in to see jonny and he will carry out tests, and Jonny will be trying food today, doctor Rama will be here around lunch time he is not from this hospital, been told he is one of the best around, and Mary, Jonny is sitting up today, so please don't be surprised, we changed his bed around.

morning Mary, nice to see you, do come in, you seen this before,
Yes nurse, but Jonny was 2 the last time i saw him getting his nappy changed, mary joked,
we will have to get you use to changing him again, think it going to be while before Jonny is dry, did the nurse on the station explain what is happening today,
yes nurse,
first, we get jonny ready to face the day, washed, and a dry bottom, them we will try some breakfast, hope Jonny likes porridge, we getting some sent up from paediatrics, easier for him to swallow, that`s all done Jonny, wow, ready for the day
i will go and get things ready for breakfast mary, just lift the bars on this cot keep Jonny safe
what did you say nurse, cot,
Yes mary, this is large cot, we changed his bed over last night, safer, now Jonny is moving a bit, back in minute mary,
the nurse wheeled a trolley into the room, look Jonny`s yum yums, lets get you ready for your yum yums, mary would you like to help jonny, just remember him as you where weaning him, not to much on the spoon, place it on his lips let him find it, hopefully he will take it better than this naughty tube,

the nurse lowered the cot sides, sat jonny upright, ok little monster, are you a messy eater, we better protect you, we got you a nice bib, it`s got dinosaurs on it,
nurse did not know bibs came this big and where did you find that one from,
we have adolescence down on paediatrics that need help to, as jonny is the same size as some of the larger children, thought it would make things better as adult bibs are boring,
ok mary, let's give jonny his yum yums, fingers crossed he will try to eat, remember loads of encouragement mary,
i think i remember what jonny liked as a toddler, here goes, jonny mommy got breakie for you, look at the airplane, flying in the sky, round and round, open your mouth darling, here comes the airplane,
your doing a great job mary, jonny is watching the spoon, don't think i could get a better result, a mother's touch is always better at this point, go for it mary, you're a good boy jonny.
close your mouth jonny, is that nice, yum yums,
mary looked at the nurse, he trying to eat, ok, glad you put him in a bib, this reminds me of when he was small and learning to eat for the first time,
keep at it mary, your doing a great job, soon we get you eating again, and we try to get you eating by yourself,
paediatrics sent this up, mary, it may help to get jonny taking on fluids, don`t worry about it been childish, if it works it works, try him on it after you given him another spoonful,
mary tryed another spoonful, that jonny looked like it was going down the right way, at least half of it, jonny was moving his mouth, and the food was disappearing from his mouth ok thank you nurse, i am glad i can see my little boy eat, ok it`s only 3 spoons full, but it`s a start, i will try the training cup on him, to see if he will take on fluids, look jonny the big train is coming, choo choo, that`s a good boy, you drink for mommy, suddenly there was a gurgling noise coming from the beaker, that`s a good boy
think he is drinking mary, let's see how much he wants, leave the training cup in his mouth until he shows signs of distress them try his on food again, this way we can see,

ok, that's 150ml of probiotic paediatric milk, and at least 30gm of solids, good boy
nurse paediatric milk is that infant milk.
yes mary, we call it that when we a dealing with older children, it`s good for him, trust me,
he soon be back to normal whatever normal is, but he will open his bowels by himself again, that`s good,

the morning went on like normal up and down to the xray dept, couple wet changes, but nothing out of the norm, nurse can into the room around noon, think jonny is hungry, we just taken delivery of his din dins, lets try and feed you before doctor Rama comes,
nurse returned with the trolley like before, lower the cot sides, sit you up jonny, bib on, this time it was racing cars,
ok, hope you like cottage pie, think that's what pediatric has sent you, looks the same all mashed up, mommy would you like to feed him again as you did a great job last time,
and we have something new here, they sent up a bottle with a training teat, let's try the food first,
wow jonny has eat, half the bowl full, let's record that, sorry about this, but we will try this bottle out,
drink fro mommy, that`s a good boy, you could see bubbles coming from the bottle, slow at the start,
yes i was right, jonny is drinking, i needed to see, that's why i asked for clear bottle, he seems happier on the  bottle, we will keep him on the bottle until things improve, hope you don't mind mary.
hello, this must be john,
mary looked over her shoulder,
hi i am doctor Rama, you finish feeding john, and i will be back, nurse can i grab a cup of coffee ,
yes doctor, ask at the station, sure someone will make you one, we will not be long doctor,

ok thanks,

doctor we`re finished now, give me a moment to clear away, and little jonny is all yours,
cheers nurse,
hi i am doctor rama, i have been asked to review jonny`s case by doctor johnson, can i have some time alone with jonny please Mrs evans, i ask you back into the room when i am finished

half hour went by, a head popped out of the room, can i ask for Mrs Evans please,

i carried out one or two tests, and doctor johnson was right in asking me over,

here the big one, i will be jonny (is that what you call him) doctor from now on, i will need to find him a bed, it will not be at this hospital, i will make some calls afterward and let you know before i leave, i think it would be for the best, i know this will be hard on both of you, if we could have jonny not seeing the both of you for at least a month, this way we can work on him better, trust me the team will keep you up dated, in that month if no change has happened it not going to happen, sorry i dont mince my words Mrs Evans, just need 2 signatures, first is your happy and give full consent for me to be his doctor, second this is the hard one, you are releasing consent and handing the hospital full control over of jonny health to the team as he diminished responsibility as of the mental health act,

thank you Mrs evans, i know that was very hard for you to do,
nurse, think jonny messed his nappy, as i was talking to Mrs evans
thank you doctor

ok mrs evans, let me make some calls, i know of a couple of beds, just need to book him in, mrs evans can you leave the room and ask a nurse to attend to jonny`s nappy please, i will ask you back when we finished,

the nurse went to jonny`s room, ok clean him up please nurse, but don't fit a clean nappy on him yet, i need to give him something to help him for the transfer, don`t want a tantrum in the ambulance do we jonny, nurse can we have him in maxi`s with with couple boosters in it, it going be a while before jonny wakes up again, do you have plastic pants on this ward, can we have him in them, can you get them ready, don`t want mother seeing this,
all clean doctor, i go get the nappies and plastic pants,
ok jonny i know you can hear me, i am going to put you to sleep, it's for your own safety,
as the nurse returned back to the room with all the stuff, jonny was fast asleep,
ok nurse get him ready for transfer,
we can call mother in now,
jonny was lay on the cot, naked just in a super thick nappy, and plastic pants,
ok Mrs Evans, jonny is going to the royal childrens institute, they have a bed waiting for him, i tryed the rosehip mental hospital but as jonny is double incontinence and infantile, they did not think it was the right hospital for him, so i managed to get him in at my hospital,

we will be off soon, you may say your goodbyes now, kiss him night night, jonny must be tired, looks like he will sleep through anything, and misses his mother saying her goodbye,

on arrival to the royal childrens, jonny was wheeled into the waiting area, this is patient 278, you have a bed waiting him,

yes doctor, it bay4, in the bluebell ward, his cot is ready,

jonny was wheeled into bluebell ward, this ward was for very young children, nurse patient 278, is here, let's put him in his cot,
sir this ward is for infants, you did not say he was a grown adolescence,
it`s ok sister, he is infantile, and shows signs for been a infantile person, patient 278 will be treated like a infant until i say so, so can we get get him into the routine of the ward asap please, he is double incontinence, so nappies are the order of the day, spoon feed and on the bottle please sister,
he was changed about 2 hours ago, and he is well protected,
he will sleep until 7pm, nappy change and spoon feed at that time please,
i have written out a prescription for him,
laxative in all feeds, i want him lightly sedated so sedation in all bottles, this way we can have a good boy for the first 2 weeks, mother and father are not coming in for the first month, but i will advice 6 weeks without seeing anyone from the outside world

ok baby, let's show you your cot for the next 6 weeks, here we go,
tuck you up, nice dummy to suck on, we will get you some teddies to cuddle,

wakey wakey, baby, time to change your nappy, you cuddle your teddy that`s a good boy, you were wet baby,
i think it din dins time, nice bib for baby, look babies having boiled carrots and potato tonight, after a couple of spoonfuls jonny had stopped eating, come on baby, eat up, the nurse held jonny`s nose tightly, that`s a good boy open up for me, 1, 2 and 3 spoonfuls went in, the nurse held jonny mouth closed, same again baby, boy you were hungry baby, you eaten more here than you did at the other hospital,
ok time for baba,
nurse will hold the baba for baby, you just drink it all up, don`t want nurse to force feed you,
nurse wrote on the report, 7pm forced feed 500gr of stage7, 250ml stage1 milk, nappy changed, wet,
this routine went on for about 2 weeks wake up, nappy change, feed, fall back to sleep, most nappy changes were messy ones,

it was 9am Dr Rama came to the cot, nurse think we will stop the sedation now, think baby is in the routine by now, let baby wake up naturally see how he feels on waking,

noon, jonny was wide wake, by now,
hows my special little boy today, lets see if we can get you sitting upright, you want to leave this cot, don`t you, oh did baby make a messy, that`s ok, din dins will be in a hour and you get a clean nappy just before din dins, after din dins we can sit you in your pushchair, wow,

Hi is this Mrs Evans, it's doctor Rama here, i have some bad news and some good news, jonny is starting to sit upright and he is starting to feed, he still double incontinence and looks likely to be incontinence for the rest of his life, we have run some tests here, jonny has damaged the large section of his brain, everything he has learnt after infancy has been lost, so what i am trying to say, jonny is well but he will be a baby forever, i know i stated that i did not want jonny to see anybody for 4 weeks, i have decided to add another 4 weeks to that, it's for his own interest hope you don't mind,

sister i have just rong patient 278 mother, we have another 4 weeks, can we step things up, i would like him to on the floor and showing signs of crawling in 2 weeks, so loads of tummy time please,

wow, baby, let's put you in your pushchair now your all clean and feed, we can go to see the playroom, does baby want to be on the floor, look at all these toys, look nurse will put you on the floor, so you can play with the other babies,

Nursery nurse, orders from Doctor, 278 needs tummy time, keep all toys out of his reach, we want him crawling in 2 weeks, we have 6 weeks to have him crawling and feeding and holding a bottle, please work your magic on him, doctor does not want him potty trained, and does not want him to walk, so try your best,