Tuesday, 1 January 2013


i go under very easy thats to hypnosis, think of the fun that someone could have, heres a lovely free site, warpmymind.com it free and there loads of free adult baby hypnosis on there,
i have got loads off this site and most work for me,



this would be really embarrassing to me, if i found a caring daddy,

daddy is changing my nappy, he puts a fleet up my bottom, he tells me to go down stairs and sit on the sofa, daddy comes down stairs, he advices me i will have to be a good boy,daddy puts a dummy in my mouth, as daddy is having friends over,
daddy friends come in and daddy gose into the kitchen to make them all drinks, daddy comes back in with the drinks, there a bottle for me, daddy makes me have my bottle in front of everyone,
little bit later, daddy say lets check your nappy, on the floor little boy, daddy removes my bottoms (by now the fleet should of worked) daddy spots i have a dirty nappy, he tells me to stay where i am as it bathtime, daddy runs a bath for me, he gets a clean nappy out and my pj`s out, opens my nappy up and he cleans me up, totally undress me in front of everyone, takes me for a bath, when i am am washed he brings me back and dresses for bed,

daddy can inform his friends that i am special needs and he is looking after me (but daddy dose not tell me he done this)